January 15, 2013

Today was a great day. This morning I was feeling like something crunchy and delicious so Evan and I decided to try out the Vitamix granola recipe. Good thing we had most everything on the list so I didn't need to run to the store. The great thing about this recipe is that it has no added fat (oils),  it actually uses water instead, and still tastes amazing. I used the Vitamix to chop the nuts and combine the wet ingredients and added them when they started to boil. The recipe is below, though note that I did not make it exactly as the recipe shows (see below). 

Since I have a habit of not following recipes :) I made the following changes;
   I substituted the wheat germ for a gluten-free flour called Montina (great source of protein, fiber, B-vitamins and iron)
   I omitted the flaked coconut
   I added 1/2 cup flaxseeds
   I used 1 1/2 cup Raisin/Craisin mixture
   I added 3-4 cups of puffed millet

With these changes it still turned out great!

Evan is now in Big Boy Nursery!

Learning at the American Museum of Natural History

There's animals in there!

He loves the buffalo

I love the cheetahs :)

We got to go to the special butterfly exhibit

Butterfly drinking orange juice


Grant enjoys the museum too

We love juice in the morning

He looks cute with a mustache!

A yummy dinner I made up! (let me know if you want the recipe)




Creative kid

Fun in the playroom

Napping in the playroom while mommy does laundry

He loves pretending to eat

Little chef in training

Cutest baby

Delicious Sunday breakfast

Crispy french toast! 

Reading the Book of Mormon

Playing the piano

Pretending to surf on his scooter

Play time

Out and about

Warm day at the park

We like to send funny pics to daddy, then find he made them his phone screen saver

Potty training, Evan is on the other side of course....we spend lots of time in the bathroom 


Good thing Christmas comes each year! We found some great discounted treasures at Gracious Home.


Happy New Year!

Our little family has been so blessed this past year! (Don't worry, I am not going to do a recap of the whole year, that might take a while!) We have been able to take the time to reflect on our many blessings and we feel deeply humbled by all the Lord has done for us. We were able to take a short trip to Utah unexpectedly because Austin's brother Aaron had a risky emergency open heart surgery. His life was miraculously spared and we were able to have an added gift of seeing family this holiday season! 
Enjoying time with the cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's home

Visiting the animals before the live Nativity started
We spent Christmas eve going to a live nativity at a cathedral here in the city. It was so cool with the real animals and the sheep loudly BAA BAAAing! We had a magical Christmas with the boys (Evan especially of course) and had dinner with a couple of families here in the city. We then spent the 26-30th up in Boston scoping out our future stomping/playing/working grounds. We were so glad we took the trip even though at times it was a bit hard traveling with 2 small boys (it made us realize that our kids are really young!). We had a great time together.

Austin: Who is now sporting a buzzed hair cut had a lot of time off this holiday season and we have thoroughly enjoyed it! Not only was he able to go to Utah and Boston, but he did a lot of organizing and re-organizing in our little apartment and simply made it a lot better:) He brought to life our TV screen, key board and mouse and hooked it up to our laptop and external hard drive and made a harmonious home for them on our table (don't worry it doesn't take up the whole thing!). He also reorganized our closets and found room for more things to go in the closets and not out in the apartment (if that makes sense). Yes! More space! We are really enjoying the new set up, Evan especially:) He is excelling at being a supportive and awesome husband and father. Need I say more?

Marisa: Is loving being a mommy to two adorable boys and a wife to an adorable husband;) It is amazing how fast days go by with two small kiddos, especially since it starts getting dark around 2:30-3pm. Sometimes I feel like a rat scurrying around in the shadows of large buildings! (Sorry, bad visual). What did I ever do before with so much daylight and time on my hands? My mom skills I feel are s-l-o-w-l-y improving as I am learning more about how to do things like cook dinner while soothing an unsettled baby in the carrier or put Evan to bed before Grant starts crying because he is hungry. (Tonight I was unsuccessful on that one, not to worry, Evan started fake crying to get my attention ;) Hopefully our neighbors will still want kids after hearing all the commotion.  

Evan: Is totally fun, adorable and smart! Every week it seems he is getting noticeably smarter. His vocabulary has exploded and he is starting to say things like, "Mommy, I'm really really happy." Also, it seems he really understood the nativity story this year. He has been calling Austin and I, Mary and Joseph. Grant's new name is baby Jesus and Evan rotates between being the angel or a shepherd. This morning he called for 'Joseph' to come open his door instead of daddy:) He also told me 4 times today that he wants to go to Utah on an airplane. He still talks and asks about all of his cousins daily. Today while putting him to bed he told me that Zion and Dallin and Eden were brushing their teeth. I don't know how he knows what they are doing ;) He is one creative little guy.  

Grant: Is three months today! He is such a sweet, healthy (chubby:), snuggly baby. He definitely knows how to tell me when he is tired and hungry too. When he is awake and happy he is all smiles. The big-mouth wide-open kind. He likes to coo and smile at his big brother when Evan is 2 inches in front of his face. He is definitely growing and has filled our hearts and our little apartment with lots of love, all at a rapid pace!

Question: What is a New Year's resolution or goal for each family member?

Austin: Write in journal more (at least once a week).
Marisa: Run a half marathon in May. (Just writing this scares me a little...yikes!)
Evan: Get potty trained!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grant: Walk. 
Family goal: Smooth move to Boston and find a place that has space for our family. Yay!

Now for a few fun pictures that were taken over the last few months:

Evan having fun with one of his best friends, 'Janie'
After Grant's baby blessing!

Swimming with Grandma and Aunt Jess. Thanks for helping us back to NYC!

A special visit

I don't think there is anything quite better than this!

Evan telling me what he wants for Christmas

A walk in the park with my best friend

Play time!

Learning is fun at playschool!

Our two babies

Quality daddy time

Watching the Thanksgiving day parade while we ate breakfast!

One of Grants first smiles caught on camera! Thanksgiving day.
Making a turkey at playschool

Best way to take care of a kid ;)
A fun night out enjoying the Christmas sights

Evan's favorite hat of the season
Watching 'Jack Frost'

Growing up!

A very handsome and proud big brother

Happy baby!

At a light show at the Lincoln Center. Cookies and hot chocolate were free  :)

Our church Christmas party wore him out! Yes, that is a sucker in his mouth.

The big wide-mouth smile

Tunnel heaven

Evan made a crib for baby Jesus!

Gingerbread Subway Train.....by Evan and Austin.

2 yr old excitement on Christmas morning!

Playing with new Christmas toys.

After a long drive to Boston, this is how our hotel greeted us! Loved it!

Riding on the train=Pure Happiness

With Daddy

Hangin' out at the hotel

Watching an ice sculptor live

January 3, 2013

Evan playing with his trains

Love this!

My two boys

Evan's way of getting ready to go bye-bye

Mr. G fresh out of the bath this morning...love his rolls!

Playing with his finger skateboard; future hipster?

I really love this picture

This is Evan's face when he hears sirens (a very common thing in these parts)

The building across the street was on fire today, Evan loved watching the fire trucks and firefighters!

Look at that ladder! Life is always an unexpected adventure here in NYC