Two-year olds are so much fun. Sure they can have tantrums and potty training attempts can test your patience, but lets be honest--Evan just cracks me up most of the time. Here are just a few things that he does right now in his little life that I want to remember.

- A 'peanut butter and jam-wich'
-Singing at the top of his lungs while walking around town
-Riding his scooter with one of his legs frozen in the air
-Riding his scooter side-ways and says, 'I'm surfing!'
- Me: "What did you do in nursery today Evan?" E: ..."I cut Janie's hair, and Caleb cut Harrison's hair and I push Janie." Me: "Oh :( Evan, you know we don't push. We keep our hands to ourselves, you know better." (I addressed the hair part after, no worries, it was just pretend.) E: "We no push in nursery, I give hugs only."
Now whenever I have to remind E to be nice and soft, he says, "Hugs only" and gives me or his friend a hug.
-While getting him ready to take a bath Evan points to his tummy and says, "Ooh! It's my belly. Evan has a little belly. Mommy has a BIG BIG belly." :)
-He makes the duckies in the tub kiss each other and says, "It's mommy and daddy!"
-He pretends anything round and hollow are tunnels; pasta, shirt sleeves, boxes (okay, those are square), tables etc.
-He pumps his fist and says, "Hip Hip Horray!" for things like....taking bites of his food.
-While coloring, he looks up at me and says, 'Mommy I wuv you."
-He sings, 'I'm trying to be like....Jesus' around the house
-He LOVES playing with friends and is often sad when play dates end
-The first thing he said as he walked out of his room today after waking from his nap was (in all seriousness), 'Come on Mommy, let's go....let's go to the store to buy a balloon.'
-He pretends to go to work in a big building, on a train, on an airplane, and to the temple. Today he pretended he and his 'girl' friend were going to the temple to get married. :) So funny and cute.

I am so grateful to be a mother to such a pure and sweet little boy. I can honestly say he has made me a better person and that he continues to make me want to be a better person. Thank you Evan. I love you more than you will ever know.

Evan Austin

Visiting the Statue of Liberty via Staten Island Ferry

Thank Heaven for Little Boys


Reading Grant stories

We love the tire swing

Babies staying warm!

Which apostle does this look like?? :)

Fun at the Children's Museum of Manhattan

Evan has a great monkey face

Watching a puppet show (CMOM)

How many babies do you see in the stroller?

My Plate

Sunday Best

Brotherly Love

I like to take pictures of delicious creations, this was one of them!

Fun with Daddy before dinner

Lobby of our friends building, love this art!

Guess where we are?

He was laughing at the Laffy Taffy

Trying on hats, he looks good in this one

Hurry! Take it off!

Yes please!

This would be a fun toy, too bad its nearly $600

So many toys!

A big Thomas train = pure excitement!

Fun on the Big Piano

Picture pest

LEGO Statue of Liberty!

That required a lot of patience

He wants this one

It's a daddy bear

Time for a special treat

The bucket list continues

Sorry this one is upside-down

Yikes! Look at those pectorals!

He even looks good in a goatee 

Hot Cocoa with friends

This was Evan's idea :)

Austin's desk

Playgroup singing practice ;)

It's Mommy and Daddy!



Cutest Babies

Why Hello Handsome

Holding hands

E is eating the peppers...frozen

Too cute for me to handle

At the school playground...dreamy eyes

Don't think this hat will fit by Easter, so here it is now....Hoppy  Easter!

I spy...

Just getting ready to read scriptures with Daddy via phone

St. Patrick's Day Party

Photo Booth...'I want the straw'

Kiddo Heaven!

Look at that 'stache'!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Best picture yet...the adorable twins with Evan and Jane  hugging

The handsome crew