Fall fun has really just begun...

Looking back at the past several weeks I can't help but think of how blessed our family has been. Here is a recollection of our blessings and comings and goings.

-I am grateful for General Conference and for the General Relief Society broadcast. Words were spoken that I needed to hear. I know the Lord knows our family and our needs.

-I am grateful my mother came to visit! Wahoo! What fun we had galavanting around the city seeing the sites, shopping, tasting great food (gluten-free that is), and walking until we could walk no more. (Secretly this was my strategy to ensure my mom would sleep well on our Aero-bed....I believe it worked :)

-Oh ya, I passed my Registered Dietitian exam (well that was a month ago). And now I am in the works of starting my own nutrition blog. Subject suggestions anyone?

-Austin is learning a lot at work, and I am learning more and more about being Evan's mommy. We are always grateful to learn!

Here is our recent life in pictures. Enjoy!

 Evan moves too fast now, it is more difficult to get a good picture....not to mention the tongue. 
 Precious time together
 Eating Cheerios off the ground. He then decided he would take his Cheerios in his bag, put them on the ground and then eat them off the ground. Gotta love this little boy!
 Our new car...I mean stroller.
 The playroom got new toys, including blow-up balls!
 Went to Imagination Playground again, this time with my mom. You see why I decided to cut Evans hair again? 
 At the NYC Botanical Gardens with my mom! Evan looks so handsome here.
 Pumpkin sculptures at the Botanical Gardens. Scorpion?
 You can imagine what Evan liked to do at the children's pumpkin garden...'ball,' 'ball.'
 Orange balls with stems everywhere!
 Believe it or not, this is all GLUTEN-FREE. We found an awesome GF and Vegan bakery called Babycakes. Yes, we tasted all of these lovely creations, and ate them all...eventually. 
 Pretty salad at Thailand Kitchen. I loved the texture of the carrots. Delish.
 Divine Pad Thai and Yellow Curry in the background. So pretty.
 Okay, so we went on a gluten-free taste testing tour on Columbus day. My mother and I are two peas in a pod I tell you. See the Gluten-Free sign under Mozzarelli's? Most delicious pizza. I tried the BBQ chicken. 
 My beautiful mother acclimating to city life. The weather was beautiful when she was here. She really has a way of bringing sunshine, in more ways than one. 
 Evan pretending to talk on the phone. Using any and all objects, of course. "Hello."
 Evan LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the American Museum of Natural History. (Good thing come winter).

 Oh ya, did I mention he likes the museum? Giant ball.
 One of my favorite exhibits was closed, but he was all smiles anyway. 
 The first Halloween decor I have seen on someones house. Pretty legit. 
Pretty! This was my dinner. Yum.