All the Possibilities of a New Year...and a recap of the Holidays!

With the holidays behind us, it is inspiring to look into a new year and see the possibilities it can hold. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from President Monson. It goes, 'May the future be as bright as your faith.' And so to you my friends, that is what I say! Let us ponder the deep meaning of that quote and let us always remember it. Let us have the faith to see the future as it really can be. And most of all, may we live it!

Here is a re-cap of the Holidays in pictures. (By the way, I got the BEST Christmas present ever...time with my wonderful husband and terrific family!)

 We got our family pictures taken!

 The fall colors in Central Park were breathtaking. 
 I made Evan's Halloween costume. He was Bam Bam and his good girl friend was Pebbles. 
 Evan was an attraction at the park one day. A few random people started taking pictures of him (chasing squirrels) and then emailed them to me. Here is a couple of them. 

 Our backyard, the Sheep Meadow. 
 I love this side profile. 
 Free performance of the NYC Theater ballet's Nutcracker under Christmas lights and palm trees! I also was able to go to NYC ballet's The Nutcracker....it was amazing. 
 Origami tree at the American Museum of Natural History; totally cool. But I do have to say the Metropolitan Museum of Art's 'Angel Tree' in the special Nativity exhibit was my favorite thing in the city this entire Christmas. No pictures were allowed and I am kind of glad because a picture wouldn't do it justice. You have to experience it for yourself!  
 Bonding moment.
 Enjoying the museum!
 Our very own tropical Christmas tree...tucked away in the corner so it would actually last until Christmas. 
 Taking advantage of the church gym on cold days. A giant wagon and lots of friends; who could ask for more?
 Visiting daddy at work.
 The windows on 5th Ave were pretty cool. Bergdorf Goodman was my favorite. This pic shows the intricate detail...WOW, I want to be the person who spends all year designing the windows!
 At Bryant Park ice skating rink. 
 A visit with Santa! Evan was't so sure about it.
 Visiting the train displays at Grand Central Station. 
 Back in Utah with cousins!
 Evan found the new car rides in Utah very relaxing. 
 King of the tub.
 Evan learned how to fold his arms to pray. He is practicing here before a meal in grandma's 'play' kitchen. 
 Handsome man all ready for church...white shirt, red tie, AND sweater vest :)
 Yes, I cut my hair!
 Music and movement with all the grandkids!
 Evan being crafty with his cousins. 
 We got to visit temple square! And the spot that Austin proposed to me 4 years ago!!
Making Christmas cookies with the nieces and nephews....my favorite is the one in the middle with a pile of candy and frosting...and a bite taken out of it. 
 Back in NYC...Christmas morning!
 Evan LOVES music!
 A visit to Brooklyn on New Year's Eve.
 Getting ready to ride the brand new Jane's Carousel in DUMBO. (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)
 Spending time with Daddy!
 Pudding face.
 Austin and I got away for a day when his parents came to visit. We went to the Glen Cove Mansion...we nearly had the entire place to ourselves; it was a great getaway. 
 Thug-a-lug having a dance party with Daddy. 

 Love this pic! In Grand Central Station. 
 This is the beach next to Glen Cove, it is on the Long Island sound. The view was much nicer (warmer) from the car!
Evan is learning how to smile when we say 'cheese.' Love it!