February 13, 2013

As Austin was putting on his tie recently one morning, he looked at me and said, "You realize we are living our dream, don't you?" It made me think for a minute. "Wow...well yes," I said.

It was neat to realize that our life situation right now, though definitely not perfect, was what we were hoping, aspiring, working for, for the past several years. I looked at Evan sitting in his chair enjoying a bowl of oatmeal in his fire truck pj's and felt the weight of a soft and happy baby in my arms. I looked at Austin and smiled, and felt how thankful I was to him for being such a virtuous man and for working so hard. I felt so thankful to be able to be a full-time mommy. I knew that it was because of the goodness of the Lord that we have all that we do; for it is all his anyway. All of this together,  it was our dream.

It is also good to note that as we aim for goals and then achieve them, while in this life, while we are 'living our dream,' it does not mean life will be perfect. In this same morning situation, I could have realized the oatmeal that Evan was spilling over the table, on the floor and on his pj's. I could have focused on the spit-up smell that was coming from Grant and the fact that I needed to change his diaper and feed him in the next 2 minutes. Or I could have felt sorry for myself that my wonderful husband was going to leave out the door in the next five minutes for another 15+ hour work day--who knows, I might not even see him until tomorrow morning.

All of these seemingly 'negative' things we go through because the 'positives' outweigh them. We let Evan feed himself because that's a life skill, he will learn and get better as he practices (and totally has!). Grant, while babies can seem 'high maintenance,' they are the most precious and pure people on this planet! They are such a gift and can teach you so much. And although Austin's day's can be long, we are so grateful for his job. He is supporting our family and gaining great experience while doing it.

Grant went swimming for his first time! Nice Speedo  ;)
Helping Evan 'surf'

That's one happy kid

This past weekend brought lots of snow to the city, the first actual snow storm that was significant enough to play in! Evan and Austin were on the terrace for a while and had a blast. Evan especially loved it!

Sledding on the Terrace

Snow Angel

The Original Snow Angel

Handsome dudes



Evan told me to leave him at the Dr's.  

Play date

This makes me laugh. Look at the outdated family
photo in the background.  These two seriously love
each other so much. Is there a future between the two?

This is how I feel most days :)

Playing in the gym

Play school playtime

Such a happy kid

Best mustache award given this morning

This is my new favorite thing. Evan and Grant laughing at each other!

At the museum again. Evan has a new love for dinosaurs!

Play date at the museum

Evan's favorite dino

Those are some big tusks!


February 5, 2013

Wow, it is February already! Since my last update we have been able to spend some really great time with each other and with Austin's parents! Austin had the entire ML King day off and we went and explored different parts of the city we don't usually frequent. Towards the end of the month I turned one year older and was royally spoiled by Austin. We celebrated all weekend and on to Monday! Austin just kept saying, 'Well, it's your birthday month.' That is a nice thought :) 

It was so great to have Austin's parents come. We were able to do some fun things and spend some quality time together. Unfortunately we all had a turn at getting sick (bad colds with fever), so it made us refrain from being quite so adventurous. In fact, we are still recovering! Poor Evan got it the worst and actually had to spend some time in the pediatric ER. I had been 'afraid' of Evan getting sick like this all year because of what happened last year (pneumonia/bronchitis/double ear infection, 3 days in the hospital, same week even!), so I was extra cautious with him. In fact, the day before we took him to the ER, I took him to see his Dr because I could tell his sickness was going down the same road as last year. Even with all our effort, his bad cold turned into the croup, which caused his breathing to get really bad (noisy, labored), really fast. We put him in our bed to sleep next to him at night because I know that night time is always the worst. Sure enough by around 3 am his breathing got so loud and rattled that it woke me up. From 3-6 am he was in and out of sleep, very uncomfortable and his breathing was getting worse. We couldn't wait any longer and had to take him in. Austin packed a bag and took off with Evan. We decided it would be best for me to stay home with Grant. 

Let me tell you, staying home with one of your kids while your husband takes your other child to the ER is no easy task. I was surprised that I only broke down crying once! I of course was on my knees and saying constant prayers in my heart that the Lord would allow Evan's body to be strong and fight this sickness. Deep down I knew that taking him to the 'hospital' wouldn't be the cure. Last year with him in the hospital and not responding to any of the treatments for the first day and a half was all too fresh on my mind. A virus is a virus. When breathing gets bad, everything gets bad. And he didn't respond to the breathing treatments...He didn't respond to the breathing treatments. I didn't want that to happen again. 

Austin kept me updated via text and calls. Luckily after a few hours (!) we found out it wasn't pneumonia yet, just a bad case of the croup causing his breathing to be bad (which is exactly how everything started last year). They tried the breathing treatments, and he didn't respond to them (just like last year). Eventually they decided to release him and hope he got better because his fever had broken (thankfully!). When Austin brought Evan home, Austin's parents came over and Austin and his dad administered a priesthood blessing to Evan as he laid in his bed.

From that moment on, I knew Evan would be okay. I felt peace and love and reassurance that Evan's body would be able to fight this sickness. And from that moment on, Evan has been recovering. By the Mercy of God, Evan has gotten better. Slowly, but progressing.   

It's amazing how traumatic life circumstances can make us think about things we don't normally allow ourselves to think about. And how hard that can be! My heart was filled with so much love for my sweet little boy. I didn't want anything serious to happen. And if anything did, I had the overwhelming desire to dedicate my whole life in order to make it back. And if of course then, then why not now? 

I have felt a renewed desire to DO BETTER and BE BETTER. To do better and to be a better person, more faithful, more kind, more patient, more loving, more thankful. More thankful for each day, each smile, each giggle, each cry. Each moment I have to be a mommy to two amazing little boys.

Here is our recent life in pictures. Enjoy!
A happy four months

Swimming fun!

The Office

Visiting AMNH

Here's everyone together! 

30 Rock

The office in the sky

He takes after me

Don't want to ever take these off the fridge

At Grand Central's 100th

I love that I can part Mr. G's hair

72nd Street

Waiting for music

I adore this kid!

Experimenting with drinks in the morning

Adding oatmeal, cinnamon and raisins is my fav
Facetiming with Daddy

Built it by himself; Papa's truck pulling the boat

He's so proud

Evan made another crib for his 'baby Jesus'

Practicing scooting in the gym

Awake when Daddy gets home? Playtime. 

New discovery: tracks elevated!

Naps are the best

Look at that reflection!

Evan loves spending time with Daddy

Out exploring

Bryant Park


Love this word

Evan's face: looking up + looking down. There's too much to see!


At the Library

Trying to shop in a sports store. You can only imagine.

I think he likes football

Squirmy shopper. Caught ya!

Columbus Circle via Central Park

Night walk in the Park

Manhattan temple. Love living so close. My beacon
of faith, hope and charity. 

Welcome to our neighborhood

Buying fresh F & V's

Precious cargo!

"I hold him, I hold him" 

Two different pants, same day. I think he's officially in a bigger size!

Help from Daddy

Dinner. Evan loves Tofu.

Painting in Playschool

All-boy dress up

Grant playtime = All smiles

Read me a story

One healthy kid

He's out

New PJ's from Grandma

Saturday Mornings

Guess who just rolled over?

He can grab things too

Evan is literally saying cheese here. Amazing boy.

Waiting at the ER