Fall Happens in New York City Too...

What exactly is it about this time of year that makes it so magical?

The weather is gradually changing; the air is cooler and the sea of people in the streets are now wrapped in styled material to cover their skin. Some things I love about Fall:

  • wearing layers... I automatically look more dressed up, literally and figuratively. Plus, I love the feeling of putting on long pants or a jacket for the first time in months. (that is if they are not too tight anyway :)
  • leaves turning vibrant colors...
  • the sports that are in season--volleyball, football, women's soccer and rugby. I listed the last two specifically because of my two awesome sister-in-laws, one on the SDSU soccer team and the other on the BYU rugby team...you go girls! :)
  • the way my mom decorated our house...pumpkin spice candles, twisted gourds, spiders and squash. These are some of the things I loved having in abundance around the house. 
  • the fruits and vegetables that are in season...especially the apples! You can get apples any time of the year, but they never taste as good as they do now.
  • and the best part, General Conference of course! 
Maybe it's the Memories?

I think another reason why most people love this time of year is because all of the memories Fall evokes. The colors, the entertainment, the smells, and the food. They all bring in waves of memories of years past. For me, this is the case. Although Fall is tied to the beginning of a new school year, and this actually was an event that brought some anxiety to me when I was little, starting school is also tied to new friends, teachers, coaches, family routines and topics for learning. It is amazing how happy we can feel as we take the time to look back and remember the small threads in our lives that have now turned into beautiful tapestries, or parts of them at least. 

"New" Season for Us

This Fall, I still love. But it will be different. Maybe this is the reason I have missed Utah a little more now we have been in NYC for three months. It is because a lot of the things that I love about this time of year are not the same as they used to be; just different. 

According to more seasoned city dwellers, the fun and favorite things to do in the city during Fall are:
  • enjoying every minute of good/decent weather that is left--this means when the weather is good, go outside just for the joy of going outside. I definitely don't want to regret this one.
  • renting a car and going to upper state to go apple or pumpkin picking. This would probably be my favorite thing to do, but I think we will have to wait until next year. 
  • going to the Blaze--this is a wildly awesome pumpkin sculpture festival, often attended after a day of picking pumpkins/apples.
  • going to the zoo--we did this yesterday, went to the Bronx Zoo. We totally loved it, it is big, has lots of cool animals, and the animals were all quite active (maybe the cooler weather/time of day?). They also have the traditional 'boo-at-the-zoo," I am considering getting a zoo pass that is good for all four NYC zoos and the NYC aquarium. 
  • take family pictures. We are doing this one too--possibly this Saturday. Any outfit ideas? I don't want to look too corny, just a little. 
  • biking on Governors Island--it was fabulous. I now really, really want to get a bike :)
  • fall festivals, hay rides, pumpkin patches and corn maizes, all in NYC--according to my new favorite mommy website, Mommy Poppins. You better believe we will be participants to as many of these fun 'country' events as possible. 
 At imagination playground, way cool
 South Seaport
 Look at those hands!
 Free biking on Governors island, I fell in love and really want a bike now
 Enjoying the weather!
One of Evans favorite past times :)