Yes, We Did It!

Hello Everyone!

We are so excited to share our pictures of our adventures over the last few week. We have truly had a wonderful time and are enjoying our time here in DC. We both decided that just the trip out here was worth us coming all the way out here this summer. We were able to visit Winter Quarters, Independence, Far West, Adam-ondi-ahman, Liberty Jail, Nauvoo, Carthage, Kirtland and best of all, the Cesily and Jared and their most adorable family.
We also were missed so much by mom and dad that they decided to meet us in Baltimore the first Saturday we were here! (Well, okay maybe it was because there was a really good doctor at Johns Hopkins...) We had a great time seeing Baltimore, the harbor, swimming and going out to eat. We laughed, swam, got sun-burned, ate yummy food, walked, learned from dad's stories, visited a historical landmark, and ate again and laughed some more....I felt like a kid again. It was GREAT!

Our internships are going very well. We are learning a lot and are still able to have time to do some fun things when we are not at our internships. There is the W&OD trail we like to go biking or running on. (We are both training for a 10K run) It is so green it is like we are going through a forest. Austin officially got accepted into the accounting program last week, he is looking forward to starting the program and I am very proud of him. He has worked so hard!

We love you all very much! Keep in touch. May the Lord bless you!